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Welcome To APES Pet Shop, St Helens, Merseyside

Seller of exotic pet products, and other animal pet products including health treatments and much more. All funds help to fund the shelter and rescue center and help keep us to achieve our mission and values.

We have moved most products from our old shop to our new shop.

But some products that have come to the end of the line or out of stock with no restock date have been removed or replaced.

We will continue working through out 2023 to get more products on.

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Free Local Deliveries

Local delivery works with Shop Pay, but doesn't work with other accelerated checkouts like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or PayPal.

If you choose an accelerated checkout method other than Shop Pay in the first step of the checkout, then you won't have local delivery as a shipping method.

The best way to order local delivery is to Create Your Account first and then order. 

We provide free local delivery up to 6 miles from us. 

However, they you have the option to ship the package using our shipping rates or £4.99 within a 6 to 10 miles of us.

Discounted Products

These products are products short of life and coming to there end date. These were otherwise going to be destroyed, we rescue these to help people on low incomes feed their pets. Online orders for collection, delivery or post get an extra 5% off. This is added just before paying for you.

All too often suppliers will throw away products that can be used. Sometimes it's because it is coming to the end of its life. But to someone who can not afford much at the moment every little count. 

New Pet Products

See our newest pet products.
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  • Purchasing from us help funds the rescue.

    For every purchase, the profits go back into the rescue. From live food to housing equipment and much more.

  • Free Local Deliveries

    Free local delivery to customers within the WA9 area.

  • Supporting A Non-Profit

    Puchasing from us will be supporting a non-profit organisation.

    The Invert Sanctum 
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    Consider featuring praise for our bestselling products.

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Cat Fleas & Ticks

Get rid of the pests with our frontline range for cats.

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VET Approved

Give your exotics the best possible care when cleaning with our range of cleaners, approved by VETS.

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Dog Flea & Tick

Get rid of the pests with our frontline range for dogs.

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Zoomed Leopard Gecko Kit

Reptile Health

Reptile health is important to us at The Invert Sanctum and we have create a page dedicated to products that help promote healthy growth and more. Take a moment and check it out.

Reptile Health

Flea Invasion?

Fleas can be a problem all year round for some people, but we have pest control products that can help.

See Our Pest Control Products

Animla welfare is at our heart.

Support rescues, and stop increesing pet shops influx of animals.

We are here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

New Product Requests

Out Of Stock Items

Product out of stock? No problem! Unlike most places, we still allow the purchase of out of stock items.

The Process

  1. Order the out of stock item.
  2. We will expedite getting the item in.
  3. Once your item is in we will send on to you. 

For orders with a mix of in stock and out of stock items, still works as above. 

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Charity Merch

Helping to raise funds and awareness.