Delivery Refunds

We are responsible for the following, 

  • Processing your order within 24 hours.
  • Processing your returns.

What the delivery provider is responsible for,

  • Collecting your parcel from us.
  • Transporting your parcel by the time specified on your delivery service order. (I.E Parcelforce 24 is to get to you by 24 hours.)
  • Delivering it to your door. 

Once a delivery company has your parcel it is our of our hands and we have no control over the service you paid for from them. For this reason we do not refund delivery fees unless it is a guaranteed time slot, as most delivery providers do not refund for lateness, this would also come out our our Charites funds.

We advise you call the delivery provider directly for a refund using your tracking number.

What do we refund?

We will refund for your products only and only on receipt of them being returned to us.