New name, but same service.

New name, but same service.

As you can see we have updated our name and information. Please read this blog for more information.

APES Pet Shop

We have changed the name of our charity, APES (Association of Protecting Exotic Species), our aim is the same to provide Shelter & Rescue services for exotic animals like reptiles and inverts. 

How does the pet shop help the shelter & rescue?

Funds from sales go back into funding the rescue. We are partnered with Shopify and registered NPO. The funds help with paying for heating costs of keeping the animals well and healthy, it also helps with paying for feeding the animals. 

How does the pet shop help with our charity's mission?

We don't focus on sales but more about giving people the correct information so they can be sure they are getting the correct equipment, food or even supplements. Not just that we focus on health products like calcium for reptiles and even flea and worming promoting animal welfare and making sure people give the correct treatment for their pets.

Why did we change?

We felt the name and logo did not reflect what we was about, and the new logo although abbreviated does. It also makes our services easily remembered and quick to access.

What's next?

We will be putting our efforts next in new services from the shop like a online loyalty discount system. Allowing you to collect points like when you come in to our shop. We hope this will help customers save for the essentials when short of money. 

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