The Invert Sanctum Online Shop Launch

The Invert Sanctum Online Shop Launch

Welcome to the new online shop from The Invert Sanctum.

The new online shop doesn't focus on best sellers or most profitable, you will find our new online shop focuses on health products mainly and exotics.

But at the request of customers in the local area and online we are adding other pet products like cat and dogs. 


Products from our old online shop.

We have moved as many of the products from the old online shop to the new one, but due to some being discontinued or out of stock we have left them off the move for now. 


New Stock

New stock, from this point on we will be adding more and more products to the online shop. 

But you can also request new products to be added via our New Product Request page, when this is done, we will expedite getting these in our shop.


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