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ET Bug Starter Kit

ET Bug Starter Kit

Brand: Exo Terra

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The Exo Terra Bug Starter Kit is the perfect place to begin for those looking to enter the incredible world of invertebrates. Featuring four high-quality Exo Terra products, the bug starter kit provides everything required to create a comfortable and safe environment for housing, admiring, and showing off your tiny new friend.

With bugs being low maintenance, the Exo Terra bug starter kit is ideal for youngsters who have an interest in wildlife. Help to spark a life-long hobby with Exo Terra!

Exo Terra Faunarium - An easy-to-use, secure, and robust all-purpose terrarium (300 x 195 x 205 mm)

Exo Terra Plantation Soil - Made from compressed coconut husk fibre from the plantations of tropical Asia (8.8L).

Exo Terra Ampallo Plant - Plants help create a realistic natural environment in Faunariums.

Exo Terra Wet Rock Cave - Provides a moist hiding place, perfect for helping bugs feel safe in their environment.

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